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Storm Damage Roof Repair Lakeland Fl

Storm Damage Roof Repair in Lakeland, FL and Cities Nearby

Central Florida has a reputation for severe storms that can cause substantial property damage to roofing structures. At Stormwall Roofing, we proudly offer storm damage roof repair services to residents throughout Lakeland, FL, and the surrounding areas. We strive to provide reliable storm damage repairs that will leave your property safe with ample protection against the elements. 

When you need a roofing contractor to repair storm damage fast, call Stormwall Roofing at 863-937-9774.

Central Florida’s Storm Damage Roof Restoration Experts

Stormwall Roofing is part of Waller Construction, a three-generation family-owned and operated company with over 50 years of experience in the design and construction industry. Our residential roofers have decades of hands-on experience and training, allowing us to complete thousands of roofing restoration projects in Lakeland and other parts of Central Florida. 

Our team never finds a project too extensive to complete. We proudly offer residential and commercial storm damage roof repair and replacement services. 

Hurricane Roof Damage

Stormwall Roofing’s crew has helped Lakeland residents recover from five major hurricanes and countless storms. The area is prone to inclement weather, so residents know they need a knowledgeable and professional roofing company to call when disaster strikes. And Lakeland residents turn to Stormwall Roofing. 

When the storm clears, you can count on us to quickly assess the damage through in-depth inspections and provide necessary storm damage roof repair or replacement services. 

Hail Storm Roof Damage

Though hail doesn’t form during every severe storm in Lakeland or the surrounding communities, the impact of the ice can damage roofs, windows, siding, and other surfaces on your property’s exterior.

At Stormwall Roofing, we pride ourselves on fixing any hail roof damage, whether repairing many dents on a roof’s shingles or locating and fixing a roof leak from the damaged underlayment. 

Wind Roof Damage

Wind damage commonly occurs in Lakeland due to the frequency of intense storms.

If your property’s shingles loosen, blow away, curl, or break due to debris blowing onto your home or business, rest assured our team can rectify the problem quickly and provide a long-term solution to your roofing issues.

Stormwall Roofing provides outstanding wind damage roof repair and restoration services throughout Central Florida.

Steps To Take When a Storm Hits Your Lakeland Home

Dealing with the aftermath of a storm and discovering damage to your roof can feel overwhelming. At Stormwall Roofing, we understand how stressful roof storm damage can be, so we recommend Lakeland residents take the following steps to receive prompt attention and services to restore their roofs. 

Contact Lakeland’s Roofing Experts

First, after a major storm in Lakeland, you should contact the professionals at Stormwall Roofing. Sometimes, storm damage doesn’t produce obvious warning signs but will still weaken your roofing system. At other times, the storm will leave behind clear indicators of damage, such as:

  • Missing shingles 
  • Bent, curled, or torn shingles
  • Excessive asphalt shingle granules in your gutters
  • Noticeable leak in your roof or ceiling

No matter what problems your home or business’s roof has after severe weather, contact our licensed and certified roof company for a detailed roof inspection. With our sharp attention to detail, we can uncover hidden problems that could leave your roof vulnerable to complex issues, like leaks and damaged underlayment.  

Call Your Insurance Company

After requesting an inspection from us, contact your insurance company. Your insurance policy may cover storm damage. In that case, Stormwall Roofing and our team will properly document the damage we find during the inspection and guide you through the claims process.

As a top roofing contractor serving Lakeland, we have plenty of experience working with insurance companies. We’ll provide temporary repairs until you get a claims approval. 

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Trust Stormwall Roofing for Storm Damage Repair in Lakeland

As a property owner, the last thing you should stress over is structural damage from a storm. Instead of trying to manage your roofing needs alone, turn to Stormwall Roofing for reliable storm damage roof repair and replacement services in Lakeland, FL. We guarantee excellent professional services and customer support, so call us today at 863-937-9774 to request a free estimate. 

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