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Flat roofing is common for many commercial properties in Central Florida, but Stormwall Roofing offers premium flat roof services for both residential and commercial properties. We service residents in Lakeland, FL, and its neighboring communities. Our roofing experts work as part of Waller Construction and have years of training and hands-on experience working on flat roofs.

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Quality Flat Roof Services Throughout Central Florida

Stormwall Roofing has plenty of experience servicing popular types of roofing systems, including flat roofing. Our fully licensed and insured roofing company understands the ins and outs of flat roof systems, allowing us to repair, replace, and maintain them with precision. From TPO and Modified Bitumen to flat metal roofing systems, we do it all!

Residential Flat Roofing

Homeowners throughout the Lakeland area continue to embrace flat roofing for their residential properties as an energy-efficient roofing option with superior durability. When installing flat roofs, we use premium materials and work quickly to ensure our residential customers can soon enjoy their improved roofing system, providing years of protection against Florida’s unpredictable weather. 

Our professional roofers also offer flat roof repair and maintenance services to extend the lifespan of residential roofs. Stormwall Roofing has the skills to locate any roofing problem like loose seams, roof leaks, or roof drainage issues and provide long-term fixes. With our comprehensive roof inspection services, our customers can be confident that their homes’ roofs can withstand the elements.

Commercial Flat Roofing

If you own a commercial building in Central Florida with a flat roof, Stormwall Roofing is the licensed contractor to call to keep the system in excellent shape. Commercial flat roofs can last up to 25 years with proper installation and routine maintenance, which our crew provides. 

Stormwall Roofing keeps our customers’ needs in mind. For commercial roofing clients, we understand that extensive roofing installation and repair services could disrupt daily business operations. As such, our company strives to complete flat roofing jobs quickly and efficiently to minimize disruptions. 

Benefits of Flat Roofing

All roofing systems offer various benefits. Our team’s professional services for flat roofs are no exception. Whether you want to replace your current roofing system with a flat roof or have an existing flat roof in need of repairs, you can expect to enjoy these benefits when you choose our expert roofing services:

Ease of Installation

Flat roofs are generally easier to install than other roofing systems because they don't have a slope or pitch. The flat surface proves easier for our roofers to work on.

Energy Efficiency

Since flat roofs have less overhead space for indoor air to collect, the structures can make homes and commercial properties in warmer areas more energy efficient, making this type of roof ideal for Lakeland, FL.


Though we always use high-quality materials in our roof installation and restoration projects, flat roofs usually don't require costly materials.


A flat roof gives property owners extra outdoor space for solar panels, entertainment space, and commercial HVAC equipment.

Book us for routine inspections twice a year to avoid surprise damage. Our crew will not disturb your operations during service if you manage a commercial business. 

About Stormwall Roofing

Why Choose Stormwall Roofing?

Waller Construction, the parent company of Stormwall Roofing, has served Central Florida since 1961. For over five decades in the design and construction industry, this family-owned and operated company continues expanding to meet the restoration needs of its customers, which includes the formation of Stormwall Roofing. 

Stormwall Roofing serves Lakeland, and all of Central Florida, as a State Certified Roofing Contractor and Building Contractor. Our portfolio has thousands of completed roofing, restoration, and insurance restoration projects. Our roofing experts pride themselves on providing outstanding customer service and reliable repair and replacement services for many roofing systems, like flat roofs, for homeowners and business owners. 

Your safety and satisfaction remain our top priorities. 

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As an experienced State Certified Roofing Contractor, Stormwall Roofing has decades of experience installing and repairing various roof structures, like flat roofing, throughout Lakeland and Central Florida. When you want to experience the best flat roofing services in the area, contact our roofing professionals at 863-937-9774 for a free estimate. 

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