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Do you want to save money with energy-efficient TPO roofing in Lakeland, FL? Our Stormwall Roofing crew can help with superior-grade materials and affordable pricing. With over five decades of commercial roof installation and repair experience, we guarantee outstanding customer service and results when you partner with us.

Explore all your roofing options with Stormwall Roofing.  Call 863-937-9774 to speak with a representative.

What is TPO Roofing?

TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin — a durable rubber membrane that protects commercial structures from high-impact debris and weathering. TPO roofing is an excellent investment if you own a commercial or residential property with low-slope architecture. It consists of a single-ply, watertight coating that reflects sunlight for optimal energy efficiency.

Many building owners recommend TPO due to its versatility and low-upkeep demands. Most building codes also prevent you from installing conventional materials, like asphalt shingles, to roofs that have less than a 2:12 pitch. For this reason, we make our TPO roofing services accessible for commercial property owners like you.

Tpo Roofing Company

Work With Central Florida's Top-Rated TPO Roof Installer

As a reputable, family-owned roofing contractor, we value your time and business. That is why we will work tirelessly to install a quality TPO roof that suits your budget and day-to-day needs. Our high-quality roof materials including Firestone, GAF, and John Manville TPO systems, come with multi-year warranties and a satisfaction guarantee.

During your initial consultation, our crew will review the benefits of choosing TPO. We will also discuss what to expect during an installation or repair. Our crew can identify the signs of damage that may reduce your TPO roof’s performance over time during a thorough inspection.

You can forget about your roof after the installation. Our TPO materials can last up to 30 years before replacements are necessary.

Tpo Roof Installation

Common Signs You Need a TPO Roof Repair or REplacement

Powerful storms are common in Lakeland, FL. That is why it is essential to contact our restoration team at the first signs of trouble. Consider investing in TPO roofing repairs if you notice:

Water Leaks

Moisture penetration indicates cracking or holes in your TPO membrane. If stains form on your ceiling, we can caulk and replace your TPO materials quickly.


TPO is resistant to most forms of mold, algae, and dirt. However, these elements can accumulate on your roof after severe storms. Let us eliminate the problem with fast and easy repairs

Warped Fixtures

TPO is a relatively lightweight material. However, roof sagging may indicate problems with your decking or underlay. We can replace these fixtures with superior-grade products to maximize the life expectancy of your flat roof system.

Choosing Stormwall Roofing for all your TPO needs

Let us handle all of your TPO installations and repairs. We are committed to providing outstanding communication during every interaction. As a division of Waller Construction, we will take the time necessary to provide unmatched attention to detail and problem-solving along the way.

Our technicians will do all the heavy lifting on your behalf during construction. This way, you can focus on other responsibilities. 

Our TPO Roof Installation Process

Follow these steps to receive your Lakeland TPO roofing upgrade any time of the year:

Schedule a consultation with our Stormwall Roofing crew to plan your installation

Expect your team to arrive on time during every shift

Enjoy updates from our crew throughout the installation

We will provide a final walkthrough and inspection after construction is complete

Our team will not hand you the bill until we receive your approval

Book us for routine inspections twice a year to avoid surprise damage. Our crew will not disturb your operations during service if you manage a commercial business. 

Tpo Roof Inspection

Schedule a TPO Roof Inspection Today

Don’t waste hours of your day searching for a reliable TPO roofing contractor near you. At Stormwall Roofing, our licensed and insured contractors are available to complete all your service requests.

Contact Stormwall Roofing in Lakeland, FL, or the surrounding areas at 863-937-9774.

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