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When you need professional metal roofing services in Lakeland, FL, or anywhere in Central Florida, help is just a phone call away! At Stormwall Roofing, our contractors have over 50 years of experience helping homeowners, and business owners, improve their property’s energy efficiency and curb appeal. We provide metal roof installations, repairs, and replacements for roof systems of all sizes.

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Expert Metal Roof Installation & Replacement Services

Investing in a new metal roof system is an excellent way to protect your property from hail, wind, and rain year-round. As a family-owned company, we will take the time to understand your dream design. That way, we can provide reliable recommendations and fast service when you need it. 

You can feel confident about the results, knowing our team installs standing seam metal roofing, exposed fastener (traditional rib), and metal crimp roofs at affordable rates. We install the top-rated metal roofing products from Union Corrugated, Tri-county metals. Our licensed roofing contractors will conduct an in-depth roof inspection before planning your installation to identify vulnerable areas near your decking and underlay that may need additional reinforcement or repair. 

Metal Roof Replacement

Signs You Need a Metal Roof Replacement

Metal roofing costs more upfront than conventional roofing materials like ceramic shake and asphalt shingles. Still, the long-term money saving benefits are well worth the initial expense. Consider investing in these superior solutions if you notice any of the following problems:

Parts of your existing roof warp or sag

You spend too much on upkeep

Your property suffers from frequent water leaks

Missing shingles expose your roof to storm damage

You struggle to maintain consistent indoor temperature control

Metal Roofing Systems in Lakeland

High-quality metal roof materials, such as steel, copper, zinc, and aluminum are the popular choice for your neighbors in Lakeland, FL and throughout Central Florida. These sleek roofing solutions can last up to 75 years with the proper maintenance and may improve the resale value of your home. Metal roofing consists of non-porous surfaces that reflect harmful ultraviolet rays and reduce your risk of experiencing water damage.

You can optimize your comfort and privacy by investing in this fantastic roof replacement. Our metal roofing solutions can reduce the sound of rainfall and traffic in your home. 

Aluminum roofs also do not contain iron or steel, so they won’t rust after storms or humid summers. These low-upkeep investments are an attractive option for residential roofs in Florida.

What to Expect During a Metal Roof Installation Project

You can expect unmatched attention to detail, speedy service, and compliance with safe work practices when you partner with our Stormwall Roofing team. We will arrive on time with all the tools and equipment necessary to install your metal roofing system in just a few days. You won’t even need to leave your property during construction.

Our residential roofing experts will replace any corroded or moldy roof fixtures that may reduce the quality of your upgrade before installation. If you need to restore an existing metal roof, we can provide detailed reports for your homeowners’ insurance claim. We won’t consider the job complete until you are satisfied!

Why choose us to Install Your Metal Roof?

Few roofing companies in Lakeland, FL, can match the high-quality customer service we provide at Stormwall Roofing. We are committed to being your number-one resource for all metal roof installations and repairs, no matter how challenging your request may seem. When you hire us for metal roofing, you can expect:

  • Accurate estimates on all projects
  • Zero hidden fees
  • World-class communication
  • Licensed and insured contractors who will respect your property
  • Helpful financing options and craftsmanship warranties
  • A dedicated project manager who will oversee your design
Lakeland Metal Roofing Service

Hire The Metal Roofing Pros

Are you ready to hire a contractor you can trust for metal roofing installations and repairs near you? Our Stormwall Roofing team is ready to help at a moment’s notice. Continue exploring our website to learn more about our roof installation and restoration services.

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