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Wind Damage Roof Repair

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Wind Damage Roof Repair in Lakeland, FL & Cities Nearby

If your Central Florida home or business sustains roof wind damage, you’ll need the experienced repair and replacement services that Stormwall Roofing provides.

As a division of Waller Construction, which has a decades-old reputation as a family-owned construction company in Lakeland, FL, Stormwall Roofing has the skills and expertise to handle all types of wind roof damage claims. 

Whether your roof has widespread wind damage or minor repair concerns, Stormwall Roofing can help. Contact us today for a wind damage inspection, call 863-937-9774.

Trust Storwall Roofing To Repair Wind Damaged Roofs

Stormwall Roofing boasts a team of highly skilled roofers equipped with extensive training and education to cater to a diverse range of roofing structures. Our accomplished team excels in delivering unparalleled wind damage roof restoration services, ensuring unsurpassed results.

Stormwall Roofing is a State Certified Roofing Contractor and State Certified Building Contractor. With our decades of roof restoration experience, our skilled roofers possess sharp attention to detail. We know how to identify and repair roof storm damage, as well as hidden damage that many people would overlook.

We strive to implement the best roofing solutions for your property’s roof wind damage. Whether your home or business has loose shingles or a roof leak after a major storm, you can count on us to quickly get your roofing system back in order. Our experts bring professionalism and integrity to every roofing project to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Missing Shingles From High Winds

Signs of Wind Damage to Roofs

Wind roof damage in Lakeland, and throughout Central Florida, commonly occurs due to the many storms that develop. Since hurricane force winds can blow in any direction and is often unpredictable, it can affect roofing systems in numerous ways. For instance, intense winds can create positive or negative pressure on roofing materials and cause undue stress.

Wind can cause substantial damage, like ripping shingles off a roof and knocking nearby tree branches onto buildings. Even minor storms could cause cumulative wind damage by lifting the edge of a roof, leaving its underside vulnerable to water damage and interior leaks. 

Stormwall Roofing’s experts know that wind damage can take many forms and create complex roof issues. We prioritize the safety and comfort of our customers, so we give all Lakeland residents the best roofing services

Reliable Repairs and Replacements for Roof Wind Damage in Lakeland

As a licensed contractor in Lakeland, FL, Stormwall Roofing repairs and replaces all roof wind damage. With our expertise, we can find all types of damage and execute their ideal solutions. Contact our professionals if you notice these signs of roof damage from wind:

Raised, loose or misaligned shingles

Excessive debris buildup on the roof, like leaves and branches

Blown shingles on the ground

Exposed roof underlayment

What To Do if You Have Wind Damage on Your Roof?

If you think your home or business has wind damage on the roof, you can depend on Central Florida’s go-to roofing contractor for help. Stormwall Roofing of Lakeland, FL, has thousands of successful roofing projects in our portfolio and has helped residents restore their properties after five Florida hurricanes.

Our process for handling roof wind damage includes the following steps:

Inspect for Structural Damage

Our roofing professionals will perform a detailed roof inspection and document obvious and hidden damage.

Provide Roof Repairs or Replacement

Our company will use premium materials and equipment to implement the best options for your property’s roof, from minor repairs to total roof replacement.

Insurance Claims Process

Stormwall Roofing has ample experience helping customers with their wind damage insurance claims. We’ll provide documentation, perform temporary roof repairs, and work with your insurance company to get the claims approval for permanent roofing services.

Wind Damage Roof

Turn to Stormwall Roofing for Prompt Wind Damage Roofing Services

Stormwall Roofing proudly offers some of the best roof wind damage repair and replacement services throughout Lakeland, FL, and the surrounding areas. Request your free roof inspection from our professional roofers by calling 863-937-9774.

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