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Hail Damage Roof Repair in Lakeland, FL and Cities Nearby

Property owners frequently experience severe thunderstorms in Lakeland, FL, which puts properties in danger of roof damage from hail impacts. Stormwall Roofing understands the dangers hail poses to roofing systems, so we offer reliable hail damage roof repair and replacement services. We have years of experience restoring residential and commercial roofs after hail storms. 

When Lakeland residents have hail damage on their roofs, they turn to Stormwall Roofing. Contact us today for an estimate, call 863-937-9774.

Central Florida's Trusted Hail Damage Roof Restoration Services

Stormwall Roofing forms part of a larger company, the well-respected Waller Construction. Our prestigious parent company has over 50 years of experience providing superior design and construction services to homes and businesses throughout Central Florida. As part of this family-owned and operated company, Stormwall Roofing is Lakeland’s go-to roof restoration specialist. 

Storms in Central Florida can be unpredictable, so we know that hail could develop at any time. Hail can cause extensive damage to any structure, like residential and commercial roofs. So Stormwall Roofing offers comprehensive hail damage roof repair and replacement services throughout Lakeland and Central Florida.

Signs of Hail Damage On Your Roof

After a hail storm in Lakeland, you might notice these signs of damage to your roof:

Excessive Granules in your gutters

Dents In Your Roof Structures

Cracked Shingles or Tiles

Missing or Loose Shingles or Tiles

Our team may recommend hail damage roof repair or replacement services depending on the scope of the damage. Unfortunately, surface damage from hail could affect a roof’s functionality without leaving visible signs of trouble to the property owner.

Our team will thoroughly inspect the roof to find all damage and determine if roof repair or replacement is ideal.  

Hail Damage Roof Insurance Claims

If your homeowner’s insurance policy covers roof damage from severe weather, like a hail storm, you can be confident that the Stormwall Roofing team will help you navigate the claims process. We have over four decades of experience as premier insurance restoration professionals in Central Florida.

We understand the claims process. When you call us for a roof inspection, we’ll document the damage and work with you throughout the claims process. Until the agency approves your claim, our crew will provide temporary repairs to protect your home until we can complete the permanent service.

How Hail Damage Affects Different Types of Roofs

During a professional inspection from Stormwall Roofing, our specialists will uncover minor, major, and hidden hail damage. Though the impact from the ice could affect any roofing system, the damage can vary across roofing material types, including:

Asphalt Shingle Roofs

Hail could hit asphalt shingles with enough force to crack the tabs or force granules into the shingle mat beneath its outermost layer.

Wood Shingles

Cracks are the most common hail damage to wood shingles. They can also become loose, leaving the roof vulnerable to leaks.

Slate Tiles or Shingles

Slate is a durable material. Still, hail can strike a slate roof hard enough to randomly crack tiles or shingles, loosen them, or cause them to fall off the roof completely.

No matter which material your roof has, rest assured our roofers can quickly manage your hail damage repair or replacement needs. Schedule a free roof inspection today!

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Why Choose Stormwall Roofing?

Stormwall Roofing is a Lakeland, Florida based State Certified Roofing Contractor and a State Certified Building Contractor. Because of our industry knowledge and professionalism, we have thousands of successful roof restoration projects, giving us a reputation as one of Lakeland’s best roofing companies.

With our skills and dedication to providing comprehensive services, we will expertly address any hail-related damage to your roof. It doesn’t matter if the damage also extends to your building’s interior; we’ll manage the repairs. 

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The roofing restoration professionals at Stormwall Roofing have decades of experience addressing the hail damage roof repair needs of Central Florida. As a licensed roofing contractor in Lakeland, with thousands of successful roof renovation projects, we have the skills to handle any job. Schedule a hail damage roof inspection from Stormwall Roofing today by calling 863-937-9774.

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